Pots and jars


4jars.jpg (228289 bytes)Bones that once covered these gifts to the dead have disintegrated in sections of the cave devoid of fresh calcite deposits.  The cave hobbyists who discovered this archaeological treasure are to be commended for resisting the temptation to collect their own "souvenirs." 



clyjr.jpg (72304 bytes)This clay pot from Talgua Cave lacks complex patterns and multiple colors characteristic of fine ceramics during the era of the Mayas over 1000 years later.



marbjar.jpg (85840 bytes)A truly royal gift - a thin-walled jar carved from marble.  How long did it take a skilled craftsman, using only stone tools, to fabricate this object?



marbjar1.jpg (87083 bytes)A second marble jar.  I understand that these, along with other archaeological artifacts, will soon be displayed at the National Museum in Tegucigalpa.



cavearch1.jpg (109782 bytes)But most of the archaeologist's time is spent collecting bits of broken pottery, stone and bone to be pieced together in a search for patterns.



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