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El Gigante is a large rock shelter between Marcala and La Esperanza in western Honduras.  Doctoral candidate Timothy Scheffler is the archaeologist investigating this site under the sponsorship of the Instituto Hondureño de Antropología e Historia and Penn State University.

map1.jpg (19536 bytes)Map showing location of El Gigante.  This is a rather large rock shelter, but rumors are that large bones were found in this rock shelter, bones that local residents thought were the bones of a large human, a giant.  Perhaps we shall never know for certain.

The interior of this rock shelter is very dry, an excellent environment for preservation of items of interest to archaeologists.  Timothy will no doubt have some exciting discoveries to report once he has had time to study results of his 2000 field season's excavation.

pano1.jpg (109674 bytes)

View from southeast of EstanzuelaEl Gigante is in the rock face, center far right of this photo.


EGcliff.jpg (195862 bytes)

The center of this blown up section of the previous photo.


eg1.jpg (523505 bytes) El Gigante is up ahead.  The rock is ash-flow tuffs of the Padre Miguel group.  


eg8.jpg (161172 bytes)



eg7.jpg (146989 bytes)






eg6.jpg (151848 bytes)Ángel, Timothy and Santiago. Ángel lives in Estanzuela and guards the site.  There is no evidence of anything of value to "art collectors" here, but high school students on an outing added graffiti to rock art areas.  ¡Qúe mala impresión!

eg5.jpg (129683 bytes)

Filling in the excavation raises a lot of dust.


EGx3.jpg (84416 bytes)

Composite of 3 wide angle shots shows main chamber of El Gigante.


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