Marcovia Update: 7/99
Don Stierman's Report
Updated 05/08/06

Photos taken on July 19, 1999.

Mzcla.jpg (89828 bytes)Mixing cement - mezcla - the old way, while a cement mixer sits unused a few meters away.


Mzcla1.jpg (142970 bytes)No work gloves!  I should have brought at least a dozen pairs with me.

MkFloor.jpg (61513 bytes)Leveling the mezcla floor inside a house.




Window.jpg (98798 bytes)The hole is too big!  Windows were made all the same size, despite the fact that buildings were designed with front windows smaller than the rear windows.  Block is used to close the gap.

RfBeam.jpg (71603 bytes)Raising the support beam for the roof overhang, front of house.  A pile of roofing sheets - thin metal protected against corrosion by a thin coat of tar - lies in the left foreground.  Will these withstand the powerful winds that sometime sweep this area?  Only time will tell.

Rfrs1.jpg (83640 bytes)Cow searches for more of those tasty newly planted trees as crew completes a roof.  Note the roof support timbers on the house on the left.  These roofs are very light and poorly supported.  Even light-weight Honduran workers risk falling through, should they step in the wrong location.

Rfrs.jpg (62237 bytes)Putting final touches on this roof.


Genrtr.jpg (50552 bytes)Members of the roofing team with the small generator used to power the router.




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