Marcovia Update: 7/99
Don Stierman's Report
Updated 05/08/06

Photos taken on July 19, 1999.

Bret.jpg (78660 bytes)Crisis Corps Volunteer Bret works with woman completing a house.

Carolina.jpg (24863 bytes)Carolina, architect and project manager for CARE, talks with one of the Las Peņitas women.




RfBeamCU.jpg (71458 bytes)Ron, another Crisis Crops Volunteer and retired building contractor from California, instructs roofing crew on the details of properly installing the beam needed to support the roof overhang in front of a house.  The barrel takes the place of a ladder.

Wm2.jpg (88526 bytes)The Las Peņitas women, men and children are in much better spirits now than when we left in March.  We pose for a group photo outside the Pepsi-Cola stand.


School2.jpg (88146 bytes)Teacher poses with students and with Reina, supervisor working for CARE, outside new school.


Office.jpg (64223 bytes) This is the "model" - the first structure built on CARE's section of project.  It is now the office and storage building for cement.  A battery-operated CD radio is used to communicate with the CARE office in Choluteca or people riding in CARE vehicles.


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