Marcovia Critters 
Updated 05/08/06

Aracan.jpg (11342 bytes)Alacrán - scorpion - captured by John, one of the four he cornered and arrested. Photo by Ted Hill.




abejas.jpg (66011 bytes)Abejas - bees - came to school one day (what ever happened to "little lambs" like Mary's?), resulting in an unscheduled holiday.  Photo by Ted Hill.

Check out this news story (in Spanish) about another school with bee visitors.




Tmites.jpg (66354 bytes)Termitas - termites!  These are really bad news.  This colony set up housekeeping in the site office and built access ramps to a bulletin board.  No doubt they can find their way up the inside of block walls, should the roof beams prove tasty. I understand that CARE is using treated wood, but that at least one of the Red Cross projects does not.  Could any trash that was buried under the floor or in the walls attract these insects?

Tmites1.jpg (77062 bytes)Yum!  Bulletin boards taste good and are nutritious!


Tmites2.jpg (62759 bytes) How long before the Casa de Madera looks like this?  Now we know what the scorpions eat.

vacas.jpg (75360 bytes)Vacas - cows.  No, this is not Marcovia, but the cattle roam there as well.  Oh give me a home -  

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