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Talgua Village archaeological site

Documentary broadcast (Dean Love Productions) premiered on Sept. 25 of 2000.  Read about it in Honduras This Week and watch for reruns on The Discovery Channel.

The gnomes at Information Technology have transferred everything to a new server.  Of course, files that were developed years ago, before I got my own copy of FrontPage and password, got scrambled.  Please bear with me as I try to locate images and reconstruct this and several related pages.

HondC.jpg (38791 bytes)Talgua Village is located north of the aldea of Talgua, northeast of Catacamas, Department of Olancho, Republic of Honduras. The Cave of the Glowing Skulls is located 2 to 3 kilometers north-northwest of the archaeological dig, in the Altima Limestone of the Sierra de Agalta. The all-weather road ends in the aldea.  I've been told that Hurricane Mitch took out part of the road (loosely defined - more like a wide cattle path in some places) to the village and the caves.

Dr. Jim Brady's page is up and running at California State University in Los Angeles. Dr. Marilyn-Beaudry-Corbett at UCLA also has a web site that includes Talgua material.

TMapC.jpg (116124 bytes)These maps are based on the Mapa de La Republica de Honduras, 11th edition (1:1,000,000) and the 1:50,000 Hoja 3060IV (Catacamas sheet) topographic map available from the Instituto Geográfico Nacional.  Blue pattern on map of Honduras shows areas characterized by limestone bedrock, the rock type usually associated with large caves.


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